czech partyWhile they don’t always have the best first impression, the Czech culture is a fun culture. It is about being with your friends, eating good food, drinking good beer and being out in nature. Its about finding amazing adventures near home.

When asking many Americans about the Czech Republic, answers are vague. Many people have no idea where it is. If they do, it is still Czechoslovakia. The ones who have been able to make it to Prague, it is a place they never forget. And those who have friends who have been there are dying to go because of the beauty.  But besides beauty and great beer, not much is generally know.

The Czech personality may not seem very friendly at first. Especially to a foreigner. In the center of Prague you will get many Czechs who are used to working with tourists and know how to be friendly. If you try to venture out of the touristy areas you very well may run into that not-so-friendly Czech. They don’t know you, they aren’t going to pretend they are super happy you stepped into their store. Don’t take it personally. Because guess what? When you are grumpy, you don’t have to pretend that you are super happy to walk into their store.

But once you are friends with a Czech, they say you are friends for life. That may be a bit extreme, but once you get to know a Czech, you really  know them. They aren’t going to pretend anything with you. If they don’t like you, you will pick it up quite quickly. There is no guessing.

Czechs also always know how to have a good time. From great food, to amazing and very cheap beer, a Czech party is not one to miss. While balls are typical and an annual event, most Czech getaways are out in the country side, both in the winter and summer. During the weekends the city of Prague empties, as every Czech flocks home to some good cooking our out to a cottage with friends.

Surrounded by old castles, mountains and forests, it is no wonder that everyone who lives in the Czech Republic enjoys nature to some extend.

The Czech Republic is a country with a fascinating history, culture and people.  And while it may not be the most well known, it is one that should be enjoyed.